Design of alarm systems and perimeter protection

Since the beginning of its activity, ATLine has been using advanced technologies, thanks to which we have been and still are leaders in the field of specialised electronic external protection systems.

Design studio

Our studio in Lodz creates construction and detailed designs of modern industrial, office and specialty buildings. We specialise in planning:

  • internal and external technical protection systems for extensive facilities - video surveillance and videodetection systems based on thermal vision and standard cameras, burglary and assault alarm systems internal and perimeter protection systems based on microwave barriers, infrared barriers, intrusion systems, buried systems, fire alarm systems, etc.
  • overt and covert communication systems
  • adaptation of new and existing buildings and facilities to new applications and requirements - building perimeter protection and alarm systems, installation of code locks, etc.
  • ATLine's design studio has the capability to protect classified information and is awarded with the 1st degree industrial security certificate up to the secret clause.

We hold periodically renewed ISO 9001:2015 and AQAP 2110:2016 certificates.



We are in the business of building perimeter and internal alarm systems.

Our alarm systems are capable of operating even very extensive facilities, such as military sites, airports, hazardous material stockpiles, fuel stations. We carry out installation projects for intrusion and robbery signalling systems, access control, CCTV recording with the use of thermal or traditional cameras, and many others.

Alarm systems developed by ATLine from Łódź meet all requirements of the SA 4 class, as well as the requirements of military defence standards.


We offer our customers modern perimeter and internal protection systems at attractive prices as well as free training and support of specialists as part of the purchase. The valuation process and security proposal are carried out free of charge.