Modern alarm systems from ATLine - our testimonials

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We would like to invite you to familiarise yourself with a list of entities which have used the services of our company. We had the pleasure of providing them with our innovative solutions in the field of alarm systems. When preparing projects for comprehensive protection of the facilities listed below, we used our best products such as thermal imaging cameras, buried and infiltration sensor cables, motion detectors or electronic locks. The technologies we have applied prove reliable in every situation and ensure maximum security.

Reference list – a selection of entities:

1. Military airfield in Krzesiny near Poznań
2. Military aerodrome in Łask
3 Warsaw Infrastructure Management
4. RZI Kraków
5. RZI Olsztyn
6. RZI Szczecin
7. RZI Wrocław
8. RZI Gdynia
9. RZI Poznań
10. Remand Prison in Kielce
11. Detention Centre in Lodz
12. Penitentiary Facility in Przemyśl
13. Penitentiary Facility in Tarnów
14. Prison in Łowicz
15. Prison in Rzeszów
16. Prison in Sieradz
17. Internal Security Agency
18. Łódź Electricity Distribution Plant
19. Płock Electricity Distribution Plant
20. Beskidzka Energetyka S.A.
21. Polskie Sieci Elektroenergetyczne S.A.
22. Stołeczny Zakład Energetyczny "STOEN" S.A.
23. Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.
24. Opel Polska S.A. - Gliwice
25. Marynarki Wojennej Command
26. Military Unit JW1011 Wejherowo
27. 1 Material and Technical Base in Toruń
28. Military Unit JW2946 Bydgoszcz
29. Military Unit JW3009 Łęczyca
30. Military Unit JW4101 Lubliniec
31. Naval Port Headquarters in Świnoujście
32 Port of War Headquarters Hel
33. Military Unit JW4395 Leźnica Wielka
34 Military Unit 4089 Siemirowice
35. Military Unit JW3303 Potok
36. Military Unit JW2819 Zgierz
37. Military Unit JW1123 Grudziądz
38. Military Training Centre Nowogród Bobrzański
39. Military Training Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping Needs - Kielce
40. Military Training Centre for United Nations Peacekeeping Needs - Warsaw
41. Military Training Unit 1523 Inowrocław
42 Military Unit 1946 Wrocław
43. 2 Technical and Material Base in Kutno
44 Military Unit 4138 Bydgoszcz
45 Military Unit 3033 Bydgoszcz
46 Military Unit 1906 Wałcz
47 Military Unit 1496 Wrocław
48 Military Airport in Malbork
49. Military Airfield in Mirosławiec
50. RZI Bydgoszcz
51. Military Unit1300 Pruszcz Gdański
52. 12 Terenowy Oddział Lotniskowy - Warszawa